SEO and Montreal vs. Toronto Bagels

What is the connection?

Can it be that SEO Montreal style is better than the same online marketing in Toronto? Why are the Toronto bagels so bready anyway? Is it true that Tim Horton’s bagels are different between Montreal and Toronto?

These questions are the subject of this article.

1 – Is Montreal SEO different from its’ Toronto counterpart?

The short answer is yes. Montreal SEO expertly done will involve both English and French keywords and content. Montreal companies looking to rank their website for a local business must market effectively in both official languages. I guess this can qualify as better and tastier in the sense that the blending of different linguistic flavours will result in a more complex outcome – and better results for clients.

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2 – Why are Toronto bagels so bready? (and search engine optimization not as good?)

Montreal bagels are made with with honey and egg, and baked in a wood-fired oven. Toronto bagels generally have more leavening and rise more; and do not contain the same honey and egg as Montreal bagels. The result is that Toronto bagels are like a bread donut and will definitely shock you if you visit Toronto from Montreal and get a bagel for breakfast. My recommendation is to have eggs for breakfast, which are generally just as good in both Toronto and Montreal.

Toronto SEO is generally unilingual English for local businesses. National companies that operate across Canada may be based in Toronto and have a requirement for French and English bilingual SEO – but these are a minority among Toronto companies seeking to rank on Google – and in my opinion SEO in one language only is not as good.

3 – Are Tim Horton’s bagels different between Montreal and Toronto?

My personal experience is that YES, Tim’s bagels are better in Montreal. The Tim bagel in Toronto appears to conform to local standards and be a relatively unappetizing piece of round bread that exists only as a vehicle for toppings – perhaps best matched with peanut butter – and never good with smoked salmon or cream cheese. The tartness of cream cheese is matched perfectly by a sweet and crunchy Montreal bagel while the bready donuts you will get elsewhere are already a bit salty and adding cream cheese is somewhat redundant. As I said, if you are in Toronto, just have eggs for breakfast – and contact an SEO Montreal expert for your company’s bilingual search engine optimization.


Montreal web marketing companies have a natural pool of bilingual and multilingual talent to draw on. Here in Canada’s French metropolis we are the natural leader in bilingual SEO for Canadian companies, we have great bagels, and our hockey team is way better than the Toronto Maple Leafs!