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The Montreal market is unique in Canada due to its mix of French and English languages in marketing communications. All marketing methods, including SEO, are impacted by this environment.

A Montreal SEO Company Must Be Native in English and French

SEO companies that service clients in Montreal must be equipped to operate at 100% in both French and English. Client web sites must be perfect in both languages and off-site referencing must also be executed at a native-speaker level of fluency. SEO service providers that have sound internal processes for ensuring excellence in all content will be able to promote client web sites effectively for both English and French audiences.

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Key to being able to execute perfectly in both of Canada’s official languages is the language of preference for internal operations, and the native languages of management and employees. Ideally management will be both English and French or completely bilingual. In an company where management has a language preference, like it or not, the team will put a little more effort into the content that they know that their leadership can fully evaluate. Only by having a completely multilingual operation from the top down can you consistently execute equally well in all languages.

Web Site Translation Issues – Much more common than you think.

Lifter recently started an SEO contract for a home renovation services company, including a review of the English language content on their website. Thier marketing manager is a bilingual francophone, and he manages the company website content. Although the marketing manager is bilingual, his written English is not perfect, and in consequence the English side of the company website was riddled with grammatical errors, awkward sentences, and bad translations.

Now this is not the marketing manager’s fault. He employed “professional” translators to prepare English content based on the French website – but he was just unable to fully assess the quality of the translation work he received. The result was that the English website gave an amateurish and unprofessional impression to one of the company’s prime target markets – West Island anglophones.

With Lifter’s intervention we not only optimized the site for search engines – we also upgraded the quality of the content on the English website to be on par with the French content and properly represent this company’s premium branding.

Best SEO Service Comes From A Bilingual Team

Lifter was able to help this client with their English / French translation issues as well as SEO services because our company operates on a fully bilingual basis. Internal operations are conducted in both English and French, and we set a language of the week for all internal verbal communication. On English week all internal meetings and lunchroom conversations are conducted in English, and on French week everything is done in French. This keeps everyone on their toes linguistically. Francophones must speak English sometimes, and anglophones must speak French sometimes. With the alternate week system no language becomes dominant and everyone understands that we must be good in both languages. We have also found that with this system everyone has improved their fluency in their second language.

Lifter’s SEO Service

Our SEO services are for Canadian companies that require quality on-site and off-site search engine optimization for a bilingual English / French website. Clients include Montreal and Quebec companies targetting a local market, as well as Canada-wide operators that need a localized presence across the country. Toronto and Montreal are our primary markets.

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