Toronto SEO Company : SEO Services in English and French

Lifter’s Toronto SEO clients get:

  • Higher rank in Google search results, in both English and French, all across Canada.
  • More leads and sales from their website.
  • High return on their online marketing investment.
  • Constant support from Lifter’s SEO Toronto marketing team.
  • Perfect French language SEO and content for Quebec.

Do you want to improve search engine ranking for your company site?

SEO services from Lifter can boost your position in Toronto, and in Montreal.

SEO Services will improve your website rank in Toronto, and in all Canadian cities

SEO Optimization Audit

A review of your company web site’s SEO done by our SEO pros. The goal is to identify opportunities to improve local and Canadian site ranking with a reasonable investment. No charge for the audit.

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On-Site SEO

On-site SEO includes review of meta-data and content in light of the keyword strategy. We will fix any configuration problems and align all elements with page level keyword targets to rank your site for the best keywords.

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Local Toronto SEO

Your company will be on the first page based on our local Toronto SEO strategy. Local tactics include optimizing your Google Business page (and local listings on Yahoo / Bing) as well as other quality local directories.

Best SEO is Local SEO

Keyword Strategy

Get more leads and sales by targeting traffic for the right keyword terms. We will analyze your site data to find your money keywords. They may be different Toronto vs. Vancouver. Have us find out!

Improve your keyword targeting

Link Building

Links to your website from credible external sources are an important factor in positioning your site. It is critical to limit inbound links to reputable websites and directories. Quality is much more important than quantity.

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Constant SEO

Website optimization is an ongoing process. You will maintain search engine positioning and a stream of new leads by continued site content updates and weekly link building. Our Toronto SEO packages will keep you visible.

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Internet Marketing and Toronto SEO

Among all the different ways to promote your business online SEO stands out as the most effective over the long term. If your website is organically present in Google search results for your target keywords you have achieved a marketing success.

You could also use AdWords to put your offer in front of prospects who are searching for what you are selling, but many people automatically disregard the paid ads at the very top of the page – because they know that online advertisers are paying to put them there. These same folks will most likely click on one of the top three organic search results because they have faith in Google’s ability to match their search term with a suitable web page.

Google works hard to constantly improve their search algorithm and deliver relevant results to users on Google search. Because Google is so good at what they do, your best online marketing strategy is to align your web presence with the requirements of the algorithm and benefit from the widespread appreciation for Google’s ability to return optimal web sites for search queries.

Do you want to improve search engine ranking for your company site?

SEO services from Lifter can boost your position in Toronto, and in Montreal.

Toronto SEO Specialist – Lifter Web Marketing

Our Toronto SEO company built its business around understanding the essential inputs into the Google search results and shaping our client’s web presence to correspond with the evolving definition of a page 1 search result website – and all of this in both Anglais et Francais. Our SEO team is split between Montreal and Toronto and includes both French and English native speakers. We are able to produce perfect professional SEO content and results for your bilingual website.

Our Toronto SEO success stories include CSA Balloons – a Canadian custom balloon printer. Search for “custom balloons” or “logo balloon printing” in Toronto and you will find the results of our work all over the first page. Try it now and see. Then call Lifter at 514-806-0402. Our company operates in Montreal and Toronto, so don’t be concerned about our 514 (Montreal) area code. We are the Canadian bilingual SEO specialists.